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FabYouLash upholds high standards to ensure our brand is held in high esteem by the industry and potential clients. As soon as they become aware you were trained by FabYouLash, they will be given peace of mind, knowing they are in the capable hands of a well trained and qualified Lash Technician.


There are NO pre-requisites required to participate in the FabYouLash Lash Extension Training. This training is designed for students who are new to lash extensions as well as those who have previously trained but do not have the confidence in their knowledge of applications.

The aim is to educate students in both the theory and practice of lash extensions. Students who complete the training will have the necessary understanding of the application technique and feel confident enough to practice their newly acquired skills on willing models. Training will NOT provide participants the required experience to practice lash applications on paying clients.

Students must complete 6 lash applications prior to completing lash extension certification. This is conducted in a separate follow-up session scheduled to be completed within 6 weeks from the commencement date of training.

In theory, this training will give students an understanding of the practice of lash extensions and client expectations. What you will learn includes the following :

  • Work health and safety
    How to take care of yourself and your clients
  • Anatomy theory
    Understanding the structure and lifecycle of the natural lash
  • Types of lash extensions
    Understanding the different types of lash extensions and when to use them
  • Eye shapes and styles
    Recognising eye shapes and choosing styles/extensions to best suit your client
  • Humidity and its effects on lash extension application
    Why you need to monitor humidity and how to work with it
  • Consultation, patch testing and contraindications
    How to minimise risks, manage expectations and maximise client satisfaction

What you need, when and how to the tools for lash extension application
This training eBook is divided into 19 modules. At the end of each are questions that need to be answered correctly before you can continue onto the next. You may take as many attempts as needed.

Practice training applies the learnt theory to everyday lash extension application, including real demonstrations and hands-on practice to help increase your confidence and elevate your skills in the art of lash extension application. The course covers :

  • Workstation preparation
  • Application
  • Aftercare
  • Removal
  • Maintenance and infills/refills
  • Techniques for correction/density/texture/variation
  • Tips and tricks
  • Troubleshooting
  • Manual practice on doll’s head
  • Practical skills on a live model

The time to complete this training is WITHIN 6 WEEKS after the training date. This depends on your own efforts in submitting assessments on time and correctly, and if you have attained the required skills and knowledge level. If the trainer feels you are ‘not quite ready’, you do not fail – you may be asked to submit additional tasks or activities to help you meet the requirements.

The trainer needs to be advised as soon as possible if some unavoidable circumstances prevent you completing the training on time. These may include :

The readiness of your salon. If you need time to set up, the trainer will be able to provide tips during the face-to-face training (practical component) on the type of equipment you’ll need and where to find it.

Any personal reasons, such as existing commitments, an illness or disability. If you need to complete your assessments over a longer period, please let the trainer know in advance so time adjustments can be made.

Students will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in the real workplace after completing the practical component of training. A follow-up consultation must be made WITHIN 6 WEEKS.

You will be required to submit the following :

4 photo’s of Classic lash extension applications (‘before and after’)
2 photo’s of infill services
2 photo’s of removal services (on doll’s head)

Photo’s must be clear and in focus. They are to be taken at the angle shown below without any tapes (eye pads can remain) – this is to ensure the trainer can see your assessment lashes against a clean background. Please include before and after photo’s.

The trainer will critique your skills (via the secured FabYouLash Facebook group) as well as provide additional opportunities for you to go over any areas where you still need assistance – guidance is always provided as needed. If an improvement is noted, this will be acknowledged.

Upon satisfactory completion of the training, you will become a certified FabYouLash Lash Technician and issued a Certificate of Completion. Remember, ongoing support, feedback and help from the trainer will continue to be available for you whenever needed.

FabYouLash stock lash extension products. If you require products after the completion of your training, please contact FabYouLash via website, telephone or email (please see cover page for details). Pricing will be available at a discount to students.

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