Irritations And Allergies

There are important distinctions between eye irritations and allergies.
Knowing the difference between them will help you educate
your clients and ensure their safety.


It is very hard to tell the difference between eye irritation and an allergy because symptoms may look the same. These include :

  • Red, puffy eyes
  • Itchiness
  • Burning sensation
  • Stinging
  • Watering
  • Tightness

What makes irritations different from allergies is that irritants do not cause the immune system to react. The irritation should improve as time passes, usually disappearing after 24 hours.

An allergic reaction may not appear until several hours (or even days!) after exposure to the allergen. This makes it difficult to work out the cause of the reaction.

So, what should a Lash Technician do when a client reports an irritation of allergy? Please ask the client :

  • How long has the sensitivity has been lasting and what are the symptoms?
  • Have they been exposed to any additional irritants?
  • Do they have seasonal allergies?

Advise the client to resist the urge to rub the eyes or pick at the lashes. She will need to see you to have the eye extensions removed as soon as possible. In case of severe symptoms, advise the client to contact their doctor immediately.

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