Lash Refills

We lose 1-4 of our natural lashes from each eye per day –
sometimes more, sometimes less. That means refills
are a must to replenish those fallen ones and
keep them looking full.

Clients who have lash applications should be advised to refill their lashes between 2-4 weeks. Always ask clients to book 2 weeks in advance, checking their appointment cards and the date before scheduling.

Before applying refills, evaluate the state of the lashes and remove any that have grown out or are lifting. Clean up the base of the lashes. If you notice any build-up of protein here, you should remove it as this will inhibit the growth of new lashes. If your client has a protein build-up, or mascara or liquid eyeliner residue, you should advise them on how to correctly care for and clean their lash extensions to prevent this happening again.

FabYouLash does not refill lash extensions that have been applied by another Lash Technician. We do, however, remove all the extensions to apply a completely new set.

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