Love And Oil-Free

If there’s one thing I hear a lot from clients with lash extensions it’s “I absolutely love my lashes!” But, on the other end of the scale is, “I don’t want them to fall out!”


There is such a myth about lash extensions being fragile or unable to tolerate a cleanse, swim or hot yoga session. Ladies, the very best thing part about having lash extensions is that you should never alter your daily routine because of them. Lash extensions complement each and every activity you could throw at them! Lash extensions are not scared of water, hot showers or a long swim. Lashes love to be combed through and pampered.

The only thing lash extensions are scared of is … OIL!

Oil on our lash extensions breaks down the bond of our glues prematurely and causes them to ‘slip off’. Oil is definitely something we need to be aware of as well as avoiding.

Oil can make contact with your lashes a number of ways, including :

Oil-based eyeliners
Foundations containing oil
Make-up removers with oil in their ingredients

Most importantly, oil can materialise on our lashes from you … simply living life! This is from sebum, the most natural oil.

Sebum is produced by the sebaceous glands in your hair follicles … we’re back to the high school days in biology class, right?

It’s sebum that keeps our body hair from drying out and it’s also what causes our hair to become oily after a few days without washing.

So, how do we keep our lash extensions free of oil/sebum? By daily washes with our lash shampoo, of course.

Lash shampoo keeps our eyelid skin and lash extensions clean from dirt or debris, free from bacteria and, most importantly, devoid of oil. Below are the 3 ingredients needed for our lash shampoo. It’s very easy to make (just mix together) and cheap too!

  • Baby shampoo x2 tablespoons (tear-free)
  • Water x12 tablespoons
  • Baking soda x1 teaspoon

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