Safety And Welfare

Lash glue and remover are chemical substances that should
not come in contact with the eye – there are some very
important precautions that the properly trained
Lash Technician should take.

ALWAYS ensure the client’s eyes are closed prior to an application or removal. The importance of this must always be explained.

ALWAYS ensure the client’s bottom lashes are taped down securely with eye pads and tape prior to an application or removal.

ALWAYS check the progress of your work along the lash line to ensure the bottom lashes are not getting stuck to the top lashes as you work.

ALWAYS keep an irrigation pack (sterilised saline solution) at hand when removing lashes in case the remover comes into contact with the client’s eye.

ALWAYS sterilise your tweezers with medical grade alcohol, such as Isopropyl alcohol 98%+. If you clean during the procedure, remember to sterilise.

ALWAYS talk first-time clients through the procedure as they will most likely be nervous. Talking the procedure through with them will allow them to relax, knowing that what you are doing or going to be doing will be pain-free.

ALWAYS discontinue the lash application if the client has an allergic reaction or is suffering from any discomfort.

NEVER provide lash application service to a client who is suffering from, or even appears to be, suffering from conjunctivitis.

NEVER use wipes.

NEVER attempt to apply lash extensions to yourself as it could result in serious injury.

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