Shape Of The Eyes

It’s been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder
– and this is so true!

Each client will have their own opinion of the look they prefer so it’s important you try to identify exactly what their expectations are before applying their lash extensions.

Their a preconceived ideas may come from magazine photos and friends, or people they know who have had lash extensions. FabYouLash has developed a unique assessment model to help you determine the look the client is expecting.


The Almond shape (also known as the ‘cat eye’) is perceived as the ‘most beautiful’ eye shape. The outer corner of the eye is wider and slightly upturned. It can carry off almost every look – you can do no wrong!


Asian shape eyes are similar to Hooded eyes. They lack a crease in the lid, which is often smaller at the outer corner while larger at the inner corner – this is the reverse of a Western eye. The lashes are usually very straight and downward pointing.


This eye shape is the opposite of Wide Set in which eyes are closer together. They benefit from emphasising the outer corners of the eyes, so this is where lashes need to be heavier and longer to draw attention away from the eyes’ inner corners.


As the name suggests, Deep Set eyes are characterised by the eyes sitting further back in the eye socket They are generally large eyes and can be overshadowed by the brow bone. This eye shape is susceptible to looking very heavy and ‘aged’ so heavy lashing is not recommended for this eye shape.


Downturned eyes can be challenging when it comes to lash extensions. If designed incorrectly, the eye shape can be easily exaggerated and appear even more downturned, thus pulling the entire face down with it. To disguise a downturned eye, create a ‘lift’ – stronger curls at the outer ends, starting with very short lash extensions.


This eye shape is characterised by the brow bone hiding the lid when the eyes are open. They are often paired with small eyes. If lashed too heavily, the eyes can seem even smaller and more closed off.


The opposite of Deep Set, these eyes bulge from the eye socket and can be very over-powering. To subdue the look, use soft curl lash extensions and apply cat-eye shape to elongate the eye, rather than opening it further.


Often paired with Hooded eyes, small eyes can be made to look even smaller with heavy lashing. To open up small eyes, use a strong curl and emphasise the middle of the eye.


These eyes sit quite far apart from each other so, when designing for this eye shape, emphasis should be focused on the inner corners of the eye to create the illusion they are closer together.

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