Types Of Lash Extensions

One of the first things you discover in the world of lash extensions is just how many choices there are –
yep, they aren’t all created equal

The majority of lash products available in Australia today come from either Korea, Vietnam or China. There are several different types and each one comes with its own pros and cons.

Mink lash extensions are extremely natural-looking, fairly thin, last longer and can help give the client a nice fullness without making it look like they’re wearing extensions. Although made of synthetic material, they are carefully designed to resemble the Actual Mink type. The curl in Mink lashes is permanent and have the advantage of remaining curled – even when wet.

Another advantage is that they don’t have the same animal cruelty or allergy concerns as Actual Mink does. Please note, although it’s been claimed Actual Mink lashes are cruelty-free, they are still not a product used by FabYouLash.

These lashes are just about the most realistic you can get because they’re made from actual hair. Because they’re natural, they look natural. They are soft, slightly curled and lightweight, which is good for layering lashes for maximum volume and length. Being the thinnest, they tend to last longer than the artificial type because your natural lash is not being weighed down.

The disadvantage of Actual Mink lashes is their tendency to ‘flop’ and lose their curl when wet. Daily styling and maintenance is required. The other downside is their animal cruelty and allergy concerns, as well as being the most expensive type of lash extensions.

Silk lash extensions are more realistic than Synthetic/Acrylic lashes but darker, bolder and glossier than Actual Mink They are natural-looking and require hardly any maintenance. The structure of Silk lashes is that they’re thicker and the base and thinner towards the ends, which helps to create a fuller looking lash line. They are perfect for clients who are vegan or have fur allergies.

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