Types Of Natural Lashes

Just as there are different beauty personalities, there are
as many variations of natural lash types.


For a natural looking lash effect, use 0.10mm – 0.12mm thickness and C curls in two varying sizes, such as the shorter B curls, in the inner eye. Follow the natural shape of the eye.

When working with older clients, you will find that, as a general rule, they have very fine and/or sparse lashes. Always use shorter lashes than you would use on younger clients and stick to the lighter 0.10mm – 0.12mm lashes.

For clients with long and thick lashes wanting an exotic and dramatic effect, use the 0.15mm thickness in C, D or L+ curls.


In the case of Asian shaped eyes where the lashes are partially concealed by the eyelid, you should use slightly longer lashes than you would normally use because the lash can be pulled down by the eyelid, which can make it appear shorter.

D or L+ curls can be used on Asian eyes.

Where you are already using the maximum length and thickness appropriate for the client’s eye, C curls are a great way to get a more pronounced look without having to go longer or thicker. Use longer lashes at the end of the eye for Asian clients.

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