Which Glue

The glue is the most important component of lash application. There are a variety of glues available on the market and FabYouLash has trialled many of them!

Elleebana Ultra Super Adhesive
The Elleebana Ultra Super Adhesive is the glue used by FabYouLash. It has undergone significant testing on a large range of lash types and conditions for client comfort and safety.

It is fast-drying and easy to apply. It contains no added Formaldehyde, does not burn the eyes and clients claim their lash extensions last up to 4 weeks before a refill is required. While some competitors claim their lash extension glues last up to 6 weeks, controlled testing has demonstrated that lashes applied with competitor glues do not outlast the Elleebana glue.

The primary ingredients are :

  • Ethyl Cyanoacrylate
  • Polymethyl Methacrylate
  • Carbon Black

Its an ISO grade glue that is vegan and not tested on animals. Its also an Ethyl Cyanoacrylate based product which means there is a short shelf life. Ethyl Cyanoacrylate is a tenacious glue, particularly when used to bond non-porous materials or those that contain minute traces of water. Its also very good at bonding body tissue and has been used for the benefit of suture-less surgery.

It is important lashes don’t get glued together in the lash application process. New hair growth is inhibited if a natural lash is ready to shed itself but is unable to do so because it is stuck to the lash next to it. Its only when the second lash is ready to shed that they can both fall away from the lid. This is what causes gaps in lashes. The more lashes that are stuck together, the bigger the gap. In most cases, lashes will grow back, but to the visual discomfort to the client.

As for all glues, you need to use it with caution

  • Do not swallow.
  • Vapour may cause headache or nausea.
  • Contact made directly with the skin or eye may cause irritation.
  • Keep out of reach of children. In case of direct contact to eyes or skin, or if inhaled or ingested, immediately flush the contacted surfaces with running water for at least 15 minutes. Contact your doctor.
  • Keep away from direct heat or freezing temperatures.
  • Keep the container tightly closed when not in use.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • With the lid tightly in place, shake the glue vigorously for a few seconds before every use.
  • Always ensure the nozzle is kept clear of build-up as this might block the nozzle.

A number of glues available in Australia contain the ingredient Formaldehyde. Even in low concentration, Formaldehyde can cause contact dermatitis to people with sensitive skin. Clients may complain about a burning sensation triggered by Formaldehyde during and immediately after the lash application.

Formaldehyde can be toxic, allergenic and carcinogenic. At a concentration above 0.1ppm (parts per million) in air, Formaldehyde can affect the eyes and mucous membranes, causing the eyes to become watery and irritated. If inhaled at this concentration, Formaldehyde may cause head-aches, a burning sensation in the throat and difficulty breathing. It can also trigger or aggravate asthma symptoms.

Formaldehyde can cause allergies and is part of the standard patch test series. People with Formaldehyde allergies are advised to avoid Formaldehyde releases. It’s been banned in cosmetics in both Sweden and Japan but, to date, has not been banned in Australia. Clients’ lashes can be affected by Formaldehyde. The ends of their natural lashes appear to have a frizzed effect after lashes are applied with glue containing this.

FabYouLash is not responsible for any adverse reaction caused by an incorrect application of the glue.

Currently, the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) doesn’t regulate the practice of lash extensions because extensions are applied to the natural lash and do not touch the skin. However, great care must be used when working so close to clients’ eyes. Lash extensions should NEVER be applied by an unqualified person.

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