Looking After Your Lashes

It’s so important to keep your clients in the know of all the important things to do (and not to do!) to prolong the longevity of their beautiful new lashes – that’s what aftercare is all about.


Your client will not remember everything you tell them, but the most important tips highlighted below must be covered with your client before the end of the consultation.

DO NOT wet your lashes or use steam rooms or saunas for at least 7 hours (24 hours is ideal). This includes having facials too. By keeping your lashes dry for these initial hours is so the glue has time to cure.

DO NOT rub your lash extensions when you wash your face. Just pat them dry. This also applies to showering – avoid rinsing your face directly under the shower stream. Instead, bring the tepid water up to your face using cupped hands.

DO NOT use oil-based products on the lashes as they will compromise the bonding agent used to adhere the lashes. Avoid using waterproof mascara because it requires oil-based removers and also clogs the lashes. However, it’s possible to use mascara on the tips of your Classic lashes, but never on Russian Volume Lashes. Only water-based make-up and cleansers are allowed.

DO NOT use exfoliants around the eye area.

DO NOT tint, perm or curl your lash extensions with a lash curler.

DO NOT pull your lash extension off as they will also pull out your natural lash. If you want your lashes removed, you should contact a qualified Lash Technician so they can be removed safely and professionally. Avoid rubbing your eyes, touching or fiddling with your eyelashes as this shortens the life of your lash extensions.
DO clean your lashes with a mild wash solution, such as the FabYouLash lash shampoo. Gently cleansing the lashes will prevent protein and mascara or liquid eyeliner building up at the base of the lashes, which prevents or restrict new lashes growing. It also prevents eye infections. Regular cleaning will keep your lashes healthy and your extensions lasting longer.

DO dry your lashes with your hairdryer after a shower, if preferred. This also helps shape the lashes up.

DO be careful not to catch your lashes on the towel after showering, or on your clothes when dressing and undressing.

DO remember to book your lash refills between 2-4 weeks intervals to maintain the optimum lash effect.

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